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Our History
On 14 November 1983,   "The Family History Society of Arizona" was officially registered as a trade name in the State of Arizona. It was on behalf of William K. Smith, and the certifying document was signed by Arizona Secretary of State Rose Mofford. William was President of the then unicorporated organization and Brian L. Killoran was Vice President.
The Family History Society of Arizona's life as an incorporated non-profit organization began on December 20th, 1984, when the Society's Articles of Incorporation were signed by William and Brian as the Society's incorporators. Named in the document as directors were Lucy L. Ansley and Dennis Courville.
Family History Society Founder Brian Killoran
Brian Killoran
Brian Killoran became the incorporated Society's first President (name pronounced Kil-Loran).
Brian served from December 1984 to February 1987. 
Since that time there have been 16 Presidents. Lucy Ansley 1987 and 1988, Elizabeth Kirkpatrick 1989 and 1990, Geri McNerney 1991, Janna Larson 1992 and 1993, Angie Olds 1994 and 1995, Linda Swain 1996, 1997 and 1998, Barbara Whittaker 1999, Jerry Minnis 2000, Lynn White 2001, Suzanne Siders 2002, Jim Morey 2003 and 2004, Helen Seaton 2005, Margaret Rennaker 2006 and 2007, Susi Fathauer 2008 and 2009, Karen Blackmore 2010 and 2011, Marilyn Senn 2012, Suzanne Brayer 2012 and 2014, Roseanne Hein 2015 and 2016, Richard Young 2017 and 2018, John Buck 2019 and 2020, Katie Gertz 2021 - 2023.
From the President's Notebook:

Here is a list of the Founding Members of the Family History Society of Arizona:
1. Brian Killoran
2. William K. Smith
3. Dennis Courville
4. Fay Arellano
5. Kent Myrick
6. Anna Cotton Day
7. Lucy Ansley
8. Jan Johnson
9. Peggy Giawronski
10. Dorothy Crumb
11. Joan Dewitt
12. Floyd Grooms
13. Lucille Grooms
14. Carolyn Bibby
15. Grace Hovey
16. Curtis Yancy
17. Wanda Yancy
18. James Simpson
19. Ruth Simpson
20. Jean Thompson
21. Marrill Davison
22. Frank Applebee
23. Helma Applebee
24. John Canaday
25. Patricia Canaday
26. Elizabeth Kirkpatrick
27. Robert Kirkpatrick
28. Frances Langford
29. Toni Adams
30. Cecil Kendall
31. Catherine Kendall
32. Shearon Vaughn
33. Clayton La Count
34. Kay La Count
35. Rita Brown
36. Dorothy Easterling
37. Alice Hughes
38. Dorothy Finch
39. Clara Keil
40. Barbara Mandalfina
41. Kathleen Morrow
42. Joanne Francis
43. Thomas Keil
44. Bobbie Harris
45. Donald Berdine
46. Marjorie Berdine
47. Bobbie Madney
48. Sally Ryan
49. David Dubell
50. Patricia Dubell
51. Pat Delgado
52. Jean Stinson
This is a list of Charter Members of Family History Society of Arizona who joined in 1984:
Jean Jeffers; David Bakewell;  Linda McCleary*;  Rita Ackerman;  Helen Cavaness;  Eleanor Keller;  Howard Bowers;  Janna Larson;  Wilola Follett;  Donna Wood;  Teresa Rogers;  Edith Sparrow;  Marge Goble;  Phil Barnes;  Ruby Gordon;  Susanna Robins;  Lola Walker;  Harry Braddock;  Clara Jones;  Susan Anderson;  Lynn White*;  Maxine Luck;  Dale Grismore;  Marian Wittenberger;  Eugene Remick;  Randall Kightlinger;  Fran Preimsburg;  Mary Macleish.
*These people are current members of the Family History Society of Arizona.