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November 2023

2023 November President’s Letter
   Our November newsletter is dedicated to those who bravely served our country and a loving memorial to those who gave the ultimate sacrifice. Veterans Day, (originally known as Armistice Day), November 11th,  is a federal holiday which officially began in 1938, to recognize and celebrate our veterans’ service.  It came into being after hostilities ended World War I at the 11th hour on the 11th day of the 11th month of 1918. Two minutes of silence is recommended at 2:11pm Eastern time on November 11.
   As family historians, we want to know the stories of our ancestors, including those who served in the military. Have you found that any of your ancestors served in the military? Don’t think that only your male ancestors served their country. Women have served in the military as early as the Revolutionary War and any of the early wars the United States was involved in. Your female ancestors also played a significant role in protecting our country.
   Hopefully you attended our FHSA 40th Anniversary celebration and learned how to find military records. My father enlisted in the Army and served in World War II. My husband served in the Viet Nam war in the US Navy. You may know that a fire at the St. Louis National Personnel Center destroyed many of the records.   But, I was lucky enough to get my father’s service records. I also was able to get the medals he earned that were displayed on his uniform. The military record, the medals, and some other artifacts that are shown in this newsletter are treasured possessions to keep me close to my father and give me more information to tell his story.
Look at the life span of your ancestors to see what war they may have participated in. FamilySearch, Ancestry, Fold3, State Archives, NARA, State Historical Societies and other repositories may have records that would be valuable to your family history research to “Tell Their Story!
Katie Gertz