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National Genealogical Society

March 2023

2023 March  President’s Letter
 There is so much to talk about this month, I hardly know where to start.  Before I start with all the news, I want to thank everyone for following my story to solve the mystery of my great grandmother’s name. As we hear in genealogy lectures we listen to, it really does help to put all your research finds down on paper to give you a comprehensive look at what you can prove.
First of all, I will start with our Annual Meeting and Seminar that will be held this month on March 17 and 18. The Friday night session with Melanie Sturgeon will be free and in person in Mesa. This is the first in person session we have had in a few years (BC- as I refer to it-… Before COVID). Our Saturday all-day session will be virtual since we have five fantastic speakers located all over the United States. Katherine Willson, Diane Richard, Drew Smith, Diana Elder and Curt Witcher will provide a treasure trove of genealogy tips for improving your research skills. I encourage all to register for this event. It’s $40 for FHSA members and $60 for non-members of FHSA. The Zoom meeting will begin at 8:00 AM and go until 4:00 PM with plenty of breaks and PRIZES!  If you’ve come to our previous meetings, we always get great prizes donated by all the major genealogy-related companies who are very generous in supporting our society.  It’s a great bargain for the money! You must register through our website, If you need help registering, please reach out to your chapter leader if you are a member or contact our support team through our website.
Secondly, you should be aware that the Family History Society is reorganizing or undergoing a “re-boot” as I call it.  Beginning in April, after our annual meeting in March, we will be meeting once a month in person and using Zoom, in what has become known as a HYBRID meeting.  Our society, like others, needs a change. Although our geography hasn’t changed, our demographics and financials have. Our chapters have trouble getting leadership.  Our organization will be similar to mostly all other genealogical societies. We will also start SPECIAL INTEREST GROUPS or SIGs that will focus on particular subjects or topics. This should be a good change for us. We have been publishing information about this in our newsletters for the past few months and more will be discussed at our annual meeting on March 18th.
Looking forward to seeing you at our annual meetings on 17 and 18 March 2023. Thank you for the continued support.
Katie Gertz