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Surname Index Project
This project allows you to send a message via email to the individuals who have listed their surnames here. You may send a message to a single entry by clicking on the surname, OR send the same message to multiple listings by clicking the associated checkboxes and then "Send message to selected" button.

You will be copied at your email address on the messages that you send. Emails registered in this project are protected to prevent spam, so the copy of the message you send will be addressed to you and the registrant\'s email will not be displayed. The registrant can reply to you directly.

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* Ref # Surname Dates Town / Township / County State
  341 Pacheco 1849   Picacho,Potholes,Imperial County   CA  
  551 Page 1804 - 1825     NY  
251 Parker 1848   Holt and Buchanon Co.   MO  
781 Parker   Buffalo, Erie County   NY  
  368 Pate 1920   Johnson City   TN  
  236 Pence 1780 - 1900   Georgetown / Scott   KY  
  154 PETCH 1857-1900   Equising/Halton Co   ONT  
  698 Peterson/Pederson 1881 - present   Jackson County   Denmark/MN  
  255 Phelps 1497 - present   England>CT>NY>KS>CO    
  117 PHILO 1831-1845   Kelley's Island   OH  
  567 Phylow      
  346 Pina     AZ  
  824 Podolsky 1917-present   Bronx   NY  
321 POE 1910-1980   Washoe Co   NV  
322 POE 1850-1877     MS  
323 POE 1877-1910     TX  
  794 Popham   Huntsworth, Somerset   England  
  151 PORTER 1800-1900   Huntingdon Co   PA  
  106 PRESLEY 1620-1720   Northumberland - Stafford   Virginia  
747 Prodon   Canton of Berne   Switzerland  
749 Prodon   Canton of Berne   Switzerland  
751 Prodon   Canton of Berne   Switzerland  
753 Prodon   Canton of Berne   Switzerland  
755 Prodon   Canton of Berne   Switzerland  
757 Prodon   Canton of Berne   Switzerland  
746 Prudhomme   The Hague   Holland  
748 Prudhomme   The Hague   Holland  
750 Prudhomme   The Hague   Holland  
752 Prudhomme   The Hague   Holland  
754 Prudhomme   The Hague   Holland  
756 Prudhomme   The Hague   Holland  
  89 PURKINS 1736-1800   Fauquier   Virginia  

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