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From the Presidents Desk - January 2020
It’s 2020...can you believe it? I can’t believe 2019 has gone by and I still have so much to do. But that’s life I guess, you will never get EVERYTHING done. The secret is to prioritize what you want to do and start at the top. I’m not talking “New Year’s Resolutions” as we all know that those almost never get done. But by prioritizing your ToDo list and starting at the top, even if you don’t get it all done you have still accomplished the most important things first! And this is something that you can do all year long. You may go all year with something on your list and never get it done. And that’s okay. Maybe it really isn’t as vital as you originally thought.

We have several workshops coming up this year. The first is “Back to Basics & using RSS to keep up with Online Information” on Jan 11th presented by yours truly. Remember that these are free as part of your FHSA membership. Take advantage of these great opportunities to learn and work with each other. Please bring your laptops or tablets to put the lessons to use.

As we enter 2020 one of the focuses of the Family History Society will be to reach out to others and improve our genealogy research by working with others. Have you heard the proverb “You can get everything you want if you only help enough people get what they want”? We are going to put this to the test. Too often our research is a solitary activity. We may enjoy it but it’s lonely. Let’s branch out and learn what benefits we can get by working with others. Find yourself a “Genealogy Buddy”, maybe someone who is already a friend or a member of the Society. Or even better let’s find someone new who is interested in genealogy and bring them to a meeting or workshop.

“Two heads are better than one”

Advantages for working with a buddy:
1. Obstacles can be less daunting.
2. More creative solutions
3. Work can be shared

I could go on and on, and will in the coming months, but try working with a buddy. Your brick-wall may only be a speed-bump to someone else and wouldn’t it be great to share those discoveries with someone who is as interested in genealogy as you are? Plus everything is better with a buddy…

Feel free to contact me if there are any questions.

John Buck
President, FHSA
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