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Surname Index Project
This project allows you to send a message via email to the individuals who have listed their surnames here. You may send a message to a single entry by clicking on the surname, OR send the same message to multiple listings by clicking the associated checkboxes and then "Send message to selected" button.

You will be copied at your email address on the messages that you send. Emails registered in this project are protected to prevent spam, so the copy of the message you send will be addressed to you and the registrant\'s email will not be displayed. The registrant can reply to you directly.

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* Ref # Surname Dates Town / Township / County State
  105 TALIAFERRO 1600-1800   Essex - King George - Stafford   Virginia  
67 TAYLOR 1696   Richmond   Virginia  
72 TAYLOR 1696   Richmond   Virginia  
  561 Taylor 1799 - 1820   Erie Co   NY  
306 TEAGUE 1812-1910   Pike Co   IN  
307 TEAGUE 1840-1900   Newton Co   MO  
308 TEAGUE 1830-1850   Taney Co   MO  
  127 THOMAS 1800-1900   Marshall, Madison   NC  
  104 THORNTON 1620-1798   Stafford   Virginia  
  571 thornton 1847-1910   Valdosta, Lowndes   GA  
  300 THORPE 1900-1989   Barton Co   MO  
  262 Thrash 1765   GA   AR  
  310 THURMAN 1830-1914     MO  
  518 Thurmond     VA  
  658 Tiffany 1850-1930   McHenry Co/ Davison Co   IL/SD  
  686 TODD      
  42 TOLER 1760-1850   Logan   West Virginia  
  15 Totty 1800-1865   Hickman Co   TN  
  692 TOWLE 1800-1859     VT  
  93 TRAUBE 1715-1784     Virginia  
  51 TRAVIS 1630-1715   Old Rappahannock - Richmond   Virginia  
296 TRICE 1853-1940     MO  
297 TRICE 1885-1900     KS  
298 TRICE 1810-1850   Hopkins Co   KY  
299 TRICE 1784-1810   Louisa Co   VA  
  112 TRIPLETT 1725-1850   Richmond - Caroline - Fauquier   Virginia  
  139 TUCKER 1810-1870   Sharon Twp   IA  
  239 Tucker 1802 - 1853   VA. and Franklin Co.   Ohio  
  21 Tufts 1600 - 1800   Malden/   MA  
  309 TULEY 1840-1880   Spencer Co   IN  
  90 TURNER 1680-1778   Northumberland - Fauquier   Virginia  

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