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President's Message - September 2018
It is September and the monsoons should be leaving soon. Sadly, so is the Mesa Family Search Library.

As of 5pm, Friday, September 14th, the library will close it doors. While closed, a new Family Discovery Center will be built on the southwest corner of Main and LeSueur.

Quoting an article from “As part of the renovation, the visitors’ center will be demolished, and a new center will be rebuilt across the street on the southwest corner of Lesueur and Main Street. It will be home to various interactive exhibits and events, historical information about the temple, and family history research and teaching facilities.”

I have had the opportunity to visit several Family Search Discovery Centers in Utah, namely Riverton, Layton, and Salt Lake City. The Layton center being the newest. If the Mesa Discovery Center is anything like these existing centers, we are in for a real treat. Unfortunately, great things take time and the opening of the new Discovery Center is slated for late 2020.

So where can we go to access the information that is restricted to Family Search Centers, and get assistance in our research? As of the writing of this article, the first week of August, we have identified 17 locations with varying hours of operation. Since the list is so long, I have posted it to my blog, you can access it here:

Did you know you can search for Family Search Centers and Affiliate Libraries? Just go to

Richard Young
FHSA President 2018-2019
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