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From the Presidents Desk - October 2019
We have just wrapped up a great Social Media workshop for the Society and I heard many geat comments afterwards. Thank you for all who attended you made it fun. Donít forget our next workshop scheduled for January 11, 2020. Mark your calendars and activate your reminders.

One of our board members who never gets enough praise is our newsletter chair. Jesse does a fantastic job and I am always grateful for the work she puts into our newsletter. I hope she never moves or decides she has had enough as she would be impossible to replace, and we all love her and the work she does.

Speaking of hard workÖ. Our by-laws committee is hard at work (or hardly working I always get those mixed up) updating our societyís bylaws, bringing them into the 21st Century and correcting errors. Most members tend to ignore these things, but they are important. You can find a current copy of the bylaws on the website ( in the members section. Per our currently bylaws we will be publishing the proposed changes in the November and December newsletters for your review. Please read through the proposed changes and get with me if there are any issues or concerns. We will by having a special General Membership Meeting at the workshop in Jan (the one I mentioned above) for the membership to officially vote on the changes.

Itís also that time of year when we are ramping up for getting some new blood on the board to assist this society in growing and functioning at peak levels. Nominees for the board positions are welcome.

We want YOU for the FHSA Board!

If you are interested in helping and like hanging out with super, awesome, fun and exciting people maybe itís time you joined in the fun. If you donít like that and prefer boring, quiet and stable work then maybe itís time you joined in too. Everyone is welcome on the board. Feel free to talk to a board member about the position and help needed.

Also remember that awesome Jessie lady I mentioned earlier? She could ALWAYS use a quick story or article for the newsletter. Send her anything you think would benefit the society and you might get cookiesÖnot promising or anything (itís not my place) but she is an awesome baker.

Let me know if there are any questions. Thanks for being you!

John Buck
President, FHSA
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