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President's Message - July 2018
I got an Excessive Heat Warning the other day, stating “TEMPERATURE...As high as 110 to 113 degrees across the lower deserts”. Really, you call that Excessive? Let me know when it is 116+ and we can talk about Excessive.

What do you do when our summer temperatures are Excessive?

May I suggest that you stay inside and spend some time creating searchable records for us, as genealogists, to use? How? By Indexing.

Did you know that on, there are:

- 6.35 Billion searchable Names in Historical Records
- 1.26 Billion digital images published in FamilySearch's Historic Collections online
- 765.8 Million digital Images published only in the FamilySearch Catalog online
- 249.6 Million indexed records published: 3 year rolling average
- 2,313 searchable historic record collections online

And where do all these indexed records come from? From people like you and me, that spend a little bit of time giving back to the Genealogy community.

It has been suggested, (thank you Janet McNaughton), that we, as the Family History Society of Arizona, band together and see if we can help the effort.

FamilySearch’s online Web Indexing has an option to create Groups. I have created an FHSA group and selected 3 World War II Draft Registration projects. All three are Illinois records, not for any particular reason, just convenient. In order for us to work as a group you will need to 3 things:

1. Create a free account, if you have not already done so.
2. Go to this link and login into FamilySearch.
3. Click the "Request to Join" button.

If you are interesting is seeing what Historical Records have been made available, check this link:

Richard Young
FHSA President 2018-2019
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