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From the Presidents Desk - May 2019
Hello my genealogy friends! I hope April was a great month for you and you were able to get some good Family History time in.

It was a bitter sweet month for me as it’s been one year since my mother passed away. She was a wonderful woman and a great genealogist. She is truly the reason I have this passion in my life, and I do miss her dearly. One of most upsetting things for me is that I didn’t expect to lose her so soon so I missed out on hearing and recording many family stories and adventures that will be lost forever because of her passing. She had 6 siblings of which 4 are still living. Of the remaining all but one brother and one sister are suffering from age related senility and/or Alzheimer’s and are not able to be interviewed. (Or as some of my family claim, “grilled” by me for stories and family history information.)

I do not tell you this for sympathy but as a warning. Take time this year to interview any remaining family you have. Gather the stories and legends, adventures and tragedies. I’ve said this before that we often get lost in the “adding one more name” to our trees that we forget the history. I feel that my genealogy research will be my legacy to my descendants, and I would rather deliver a 1000-person family tree full of history and stories so they can truly KNOW their ancestry than a 10,000-person tree with no context.

Would your children and grand-children be more interested in your genealogy if you told them about John Smith born in 1850 and died in 1885 or about John Smith born in 1850 served in the civil war in such and such a battle and became a notorious bandit/outlaw after the war? I know which my children would rather hear.

If you feel differently let me know, my contact information is in the newsletter and I would be happy to hear your opinions as well.

John Buck
President, FHSA
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